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Moriches Field Brewery Running Club

Each week on Wednesday our run club meets for a quick 5k run to the water and back followed by some social time and a cold beer. Come down and join us. It’s free, fun and you can go a farther or a shorter distance as it’s an easy course. Running with a group is much more satisfying than going it alone.
announcement for run club at 6pm, 2 people running at dusk

Barney on the Run – Black IPA

We release this beer each year to commemorate Barney the bull who eluded authorities for nearly 3 months. Upon being captured he was sent to an animal sanctuary and promptly escaped.


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Events and Happenings…

I often forget to post on our webpage because we already keep Instagram and Facebook up to date with interesting tidbits about the brewery. However our schedule is always on our website and always up to date. If you want to know what’s going on, check it out under “Happenings”. In addition to making delicious craft beer, we do spend a lot of time thinking about entertainment. Our goal is to do things that bring different groups of people together.



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Grievance Day Hazy IPA

Like so many beers, there is a story behind this one. Actually 2 stories. We brewed this beer as I was “grieving” my taxes on a zoom call with the town. You can grieve your taxes one day a year known as “Grievance day”. I literally held the call in the brewery in front of the boiling kettle behind me. It was a no-brainer to figure out the name of this beer. The second story was how the beer changed over time to become what it is today. Continue reading


Imperial Stout – Big and Bold!

As we grow as a brewery so does our beer list and other offerings. One of our newer beers is Twirling Bear Imperial Stout. It’s full of the roast flavors you would expect from a stout, but there is a lot more going on here as it’s an “Imperial” version.

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The Beer Board

The ever revolving beer list, 3 IPA’s, 2 Lagers, various ales, Festbier, American Porter, Irish stout, a Belgian Tripel and more on the way. Next up – American Pale Ale, Belgian Dubbel, Pumpkin Ale, Cream Ale and an Oktoberfest.

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The colors of IPA

Many people seek out IPA’s as their go to beer at Microbreweries and they are somewhat ubiquitous. We always try to have some different takes on IPA’s. Our latest is brewing some overlooked styles. Namely the more “colorful IPA’s”. In our case that’s a White, Red and now Black IPA. You  may be wondering what they are. Let’s start with our White IPA -Grievance Day.

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Thursday Trivia Nights

Each Thursday we do a trivia night in the tasting room and the staff here really looks forward to it. We get a great crowd in each week. Many are regulars which sets up some fun rivalries. We also get a mix of new teams playing each week. If you are looking for a fun time and want to test your general knowledge while enjoying a craft beer, some local wine or cider or maybe even a Mead, we are your destination.


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A week in the life of a Microbrewery.

We start off brewing early in the week. We continue to brew unique beer that you won’t often see elsewhere along with some craft beer staples. I think my influences from German, English, and Belgian beer show up in our offerings, but in uniquely American ways. We aren’t 70% IPA’s as variety is a core principle. Even our IPA’s change constantly – Ever had a Red IPA? How about a White IPA or even a Black IPA? We try to make each visit a different experience. As the week continues……


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Meeting Goals

When we dreamed up the idea for Moriches Field Brewing Company, one core goal was to have a huge variety of beer that wasn’t overly reliant on “trendy” beer. Part of that comes from the love of beer styles around the world and part is simply that we want to brew beer that people like to drink rather than just taste.  To help meet this goal, we have a split barrel brew system which allows us to brew 2 beers simultaneously resulting in more variety. So how are we looking so far?


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