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Like so many beers, there is a story behind this one. Actually 2 stories. We brewed this beer as I was “grieving” my taxes on a zoom call with the town. You can grieve your taxes one day a year known as “Grievance day”. I literally held the call in the brewery in front of the boiling kettle behind me. It was a no-brainer to figure out the name of this beer. The second story was how the beer changed over time to become what it is today.

We always look to tweak recipes to make minor improvements. This beer started out as a White IPA. It was always a crowd pleaser and a favorite when made into a shandy with a bit of mango/lime-ade. After brewing a New England style IPA we thought we could use some of the techniques to add a little body and really bring out the hops. We kept the recipe exactly the same but increased the temperature when we mashed the grains to add a touch more body and sweetness and we pushed all of the hops to the back end of the process. Wow did it work. The beer has huge notes of grapefruit and candied pineapple without picking up a lot of hop bitterness. It was an utter success.  It fits the description of a hazy, juicy IPA perfectly. It’s incredibly refreshing and still makes a great shandy too! It’s amazing how you can brew with all of the same ingredients but really change the character of the beer with a few process changes. Come down to our tasting room and give one a try. Cheers!

A glass of Greivance Day HAzy IPA
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