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I often forget to post on our webpage because we already keep Instagram and Facebook up to date with interesting tidbits about the brewery. However our schedule is always on our website and always up to date. If you want to know what’s going on, check it out under “Happenings”. In addition to making delicious craft beer, we do spend a lot of time thinking about entertainment. Our goal is to do things that bring different groups of people together.



Take Wednesday nights – We have a run club (we also have a walking group) and we have a group that plays darts. There isn’t a lot of overlap except that they both enjoy a good beer and socializing. After the run/walk everyone is together. On Thursdays we always mix it up with different events to bring different folks in – trivia, open mic nights, bingo and other fun events. Fridays are for Live Music and we have a performer each week. Weekends can be anything from just “we’re open” to live music and larger events. I originally thought my job was to brew beer, but I now realize I have 3 jobs (and someday as we grow 3 people will be doing them) – brewing beer, running the tasting room and entertainment manager. It’s usually why I need a beer at the end of the week!

Schedule for the Week of 6/26/22
A typical weekly schedule for us
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