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At Moriches Field Brewing Co., we use only the finest ingredients and brew in small batches in order to bring you the freshest and highest quality craft beer.

Here Is a Partial Selection of Our Fine Craft Beer – We frequently change our tap list as we introduce new beers and bring back favorites.

Papa Papa Pils

Pre-Prohibition Pilsner

Abv: 6.4%

Golden, effervescent and refreshing. Originally brewed in American to compete with German lagers, this beer was designed to quench your thirst during the hot American summers using local NY ingredients. Before Prohibition, beer was typically stronger than the commercial examples that followed prohibition and the great depression as well as WWII when ingredients were scarce. This throwback beer has both the ingredients and flavor of a delicious American Pilsner served in the years before today’s often watered down commercial examples.

Flynn's Irish Stout

Dry Irish Stout

Abv: 4.1%

The people’s beer – buy a round for you friends! A Dry Irish Stout (similar to Guinness in style) on our Nitro tap means a lush creamy head and fantastic mouthfeel. Lower carbonation means it’s an easy drinker which won’t fill you up. It pairs well with almost any food, but is great on its own. A quintessential pub experience brewed in America.

Long Island Pale Road

American Pale Ale

Abv: 5.9%

Inspired by 20 years of commuting to the city, Long Island Pale road is the beer you deserve at the end of a long day. Cancellations, broken signals, hot cars – no problem because this beer is waiting for you. An American pale ale, golden in color and hopped with Mosaic and Amarillo. Orange citrus and berry notes mingle on the pallet with a thirst quenching finish. It’s enough to make you forget that you have to do it all again tomorrow.

Our IPA's


Abv: various

We believe in variety and feature malt balance as well as generous hop additions in our IPA’s. Some examples include:

  • Southern C’s: Balanced with generous addition of “C” hops such as cascade, centennial and citra
  • Greivance Day – White IPA: A Belgian base with a decidedly new world hop feel. Luscious tropical notes dominate the flavor
  • Barney on the Run – Black IPA: The darker malts contrast nicely with pine and orange notes. Incredibly complex flavors.
  • Pullin’ G’s – NEIPA: Brewed with oats, wheat and Pilsner Malt. Late hop additions shine through.



Abv: 5.5%

Specialized yeast is used to “Sour” this beer and it provides a medium tartness and hints of red apple. Cherries and Black Currants are used to give this beer it’s unique dark berry flavor and Magenta color. It’s super refreshing on a warm day (think lemonade) and tastes great on the beach or boat.

Twirling Bear

Imperial Stout

Abv: 10%

We brew this delicious Imperial Stout once a year and split the batch. Half is served immediately while the other half is aged over the next 6 months and returns in the late fall. It’s a decadent beer full of dark malt resulting in coffee, chocolate and plum notes. The beer is aged on oak staves that were soaked in Rough Rider Bourbon for added depth of flavor. It’s a treat that we all enjoy until it’s gone.

Moriches Field Oktoberfest


Abv: 6.1%

A rich amber lager that hints at malty sweetness but it has a surprising light finish for such a rich beer. This beer style was originally brewed to be consumed in large quantities at German beer halls during Oktoberfest. Today, it’s a staple in America during the Oktoberfest season. Ein Prosit!

Threes and Nines


Abv: 9.3%

A light golden colored Tripel that packs a punch which is typical for the style. A delicate sweetness on the nose from high quality pilsner malt, hints of banana chips and spices from the yeast. Belgian Triples are extremely complex beers and must be experienced whenever you find them.

2 Booms

American Porter

Abv: 6.1%

A microbrewery staple and must try. Dark cocoa aroma, cocoa and espresso tasting notes and a medium body make this a great cold weather beer. Let it warm slightly in the glass for the full flavor profile to emerge.

Moriches Field Brewing Company