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Brewery News

A positive sign!

After waiting and waiting for the weather to cooperate, we finally finished the corner sign. While we are still working to open some time this summer, it feels “official” now. There was a huge smile on my face when I drove up this morning.

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Finding Some Joy….

First and foremost, we wish everyone well during this troubling time. A few weeks ago we were thinking about the opening date for the brewery. It’s amazing how things have changed so quickly and now the focus is on ensuring friends and family are safe and have what they need to get through the Covid-19 crisis. On a personal level my family is fine and for that I am very grateful. The last few weeks, have felt more like months. We are still progressing with the brewery although construction is severely curtailed at the moment. I won’t predict when it will be done, but I know we will eventually get there.


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As February comes to a close, we continue to make progress on the brewery.

It’s satisfying to see things move from concept through to completion. The front of our building is starting to look like we envisioned. The guys really took this very quickly from approval by the town on our revisions to the initial design to actual construction.

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Finishing touches

A lot has happened since the last update. The fire alarm is in, electric & plumbing fixtures are starting to get in place and we found a bargain for new windows to let some light into the hallway. Most of the painting is done and now we are focusing on the tasting room.

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Another milestone as we inch closer….

What a relief! We had the new elevation for the front of the building approved earlier this week by the town. The construction is already underway to finish the front of the building. There is always a bit of nail biting every time you go in front of the planning board, but we did our homework and put in the time with the local historical committee and other key players prior to the meeting. We were so happy to get the thumbs up! Continue reading


The build out update: So much going on…..

After a brief break for the holidays, work is moving along in the brewery to get it up and running in 2020.

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An Early Christmas for the Brewery

We were very excited to receive our new fermenters for the brewery. Delivered on the coldest day of the year, it was a great way to end the rush as we approach Christmas.


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Final Stretch in the Brewery

While there is still much to do, the brewery section of the building is getting more “finished” every day. Everyone is working hard as we have quite a bit of incentive. We are gearing up to get the bulk of our equipment in over the next few weeks.

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Planting the First Tree of Many

The construction is moving along as we work towards opening in early 2020. We are trying to get the outside work as well as the main brewery buttoned up over the next couple of weeks. Over the weekend, the team put in the first new tree on a very cold day.

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Color Choices for the Tasting Room

We are finally at the point of making some painting decisions for the tasting room. If you’ve see our logo or my offices you will notice that we take a lot of inspiration from classic aviation colors or motifs. Everything from the yellows, reds, dark blues and light blues will somehow be represented. Here are a couple of classic planes to give you an idea of the color scheme. I have so many ideas – now to put them to use!

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