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The Whirlwind Continues….

It feels like we’ve be open for years and it’s really just been 3 1/2 months. During that time we’ve learned our brewing system, our ingredients (especially those sourced from local NY farms) and our customers. The analyst in me finds it really interesting to see what people buy and what they don’t. Much to the surprise of my assistant brewer, people like lighter beers rather than more flavorful ones or hop bombs. Our top sellers are light ales and Festive Trickster which is a hybrid beer (Festbier with Norwegian Farmhouse yeast -sorry style purists!). Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. They are well made, light and crisp, but still interesting. They all go great with almost any food and really that’s what you want in a beer if you are planning on having more than one.


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A moment to exhale….

What a whirlwind opening weekend. We had a huge turnout for the Grand Opening. The ribbon cutting ceremony kicked us off Thursday afternoon and we were off to the races for the next 4 days. Barely an empty seat the entire time. I can’t say enough good things about the local community here so I’ll just say they are awesome. The support they gave us during the construction and now the opening has been tremendous. We also had a few local breweries come through for us to help “pad” our beer menu. Larry at Spider Bite and Charley at 1940’s each had a guest beer on tap and it was all gone by the end of the weekend. Brian Baker of Bellport Brewing Company donated the most valuable thing of all – his time – to help us man the door and keep Covid-19 protocols in place.



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It’s Official – We are open for business October 15th.

Three years of hard work and we are ready to open our doors to the public at 3:00 PM on Thursday October 15th. I normally have a lot to say, but I’ll leave it at this. Come down, have a beer and enjoy yourself.  If you want to know more about us please see this excellent article by Nick Grasso reporting for GreaterMoriches.




2000lbs of Malty Goodness!

We received our first order of grain from Hudson Valley Malt. The owner delivered it himself and we spent some time talking about beer, grain and life in general. I realized that one of the things that I enjoy is being able to taste the flavors of the grain in the finished beer. A “malt” forward beer if you will.  The latest brewing trends have really moved away from this with hops and fruit flavor overshadowing any flavor of grain. It’s a trend that won’t find a hold here. While I like a really good IPA or NEIPA, there are way too many beer styles to enjoy and grain is what makes a local beer.

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Taking New York grain for a test flight

As a farm brewery we use New York based products in our beers. Today we were testing several grains to see where to fit them into our recipes. All of the grain is base malt (typically the majority of the grain bill in a beer). There were very interesting differences with one having a decidedly crisp Pizza crust thing going on. What I found out doing this is that the taste of the grain by itself (not as a tea), seemed to be the best way to get a flavor profile.


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Help Wanted – Assistant Brewer

Moriches Field Brewing Company is looking for an Assistant Brewer to join our brewing family in Center Moriches. This is a part-time position with a start-up brewery that will grow as the brewery grows. The position may become full-time in the future. Compensation will be at an hourly rate plus a share of tips from the tasting room. Our ideal candidate is responsible, creative and will contribute in meaningful ways to growing the business. We expect that you will grow as we do. The candidate must have a flexible schedule with the occasional weekend shift. A basic understanding of brewing or fermentation science is a must. Candidates must be 21 or older. Please send your resume to and mention that you are applying for the assistant brewer role.

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Moriches Field Brewing Company – June Update

What an amazing amount of progress, especially in the last week. Our equipment is back in place after re-doing the floor, our first order of kegs arrived, the front sign is finally done and we have seating in the main room. I feel like so much has transpired in the last 10 days. The next few weeks are cleaning and testing as well as decorating. I have one last Moriches Field Brewing Company sign to hang over the taps and my unofficial career as a sign-maker will officially be over. We’ll look to start the hiring process the first week of July.

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Sweat Equity

With all of the various delays caused by Covid 19 pandemic, we took the opportunity to “upgrade” the brew floor with an epoxy finish. It was oddly easy to do from a technical point of view, although quite an effort over the weekend. It’s results like this that you put your own sweat equity into that mean the most when you look back. The picture is coat number 1. As always I couldn’t have done this without my wife who did 50% of the work but made the weekend 100% better.

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May Update

We are continuing to make slow but steady progress towards opening later this summer. Various final inspections are taking place which are going well. It’s amazing how many regulators you have when opening a brewery and they all need paperwork. As you might imagine the pace is slower given all of the restrictions for the Covid-19 pandemic, but it’s happening. On a more fun note, our chairs for the tasting bar are here. They look great, so it’s sad that we won’t be able to use most of them for a while. We are actually looking at some alternative configurations to manage social distancing protocols. Nothing like changing business plans on the fly!

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A positive sign!

After waiting and waiting for the weather to cooperate, we finally finished the corner sign. While we are still working to open some time this summer, it feels “official” now. There was a huge smile on my face when I drove up this morning.

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