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Good beer, good friends, good conversation and good times. That sums up the reason Moriches Field Brewing was created. Our founder, Rich Flynn, had the opportunity to travel the world for work and noticed that the most genuine discussion always happened outside of the office over a beer. Plans were made and friendships cemented over a local beer that was fresh, full of flavor and something to be remembered.

The microbreweries of today are places where local culture, entertainment and information exchange blend to create community hubs. The great tasting beer is just the social lubricant. It’s the people that will make Moriches Field Brewing a place to remember. Good Beer, good friends, good conversation and good times.

Moriches Field Brewing Company was founded in June of 2017 by Richard Flynn. The brewery and tasting room has been open since Oct 2020.

Moriches Field Brewing

What’s in a name? Moriches Field Brewing takes its name from the long aviation history of Long Island. The region nearly single handedly led the aviation industry through its golden age where innovation and daring exploits were common place. New aircraft manufacturing sprung up around “Fields” which stretched across the Island from the Hempstead plains to the twin forks. Those early pioneers built the aviation industry that helped make commercial air travel a reality, win WWII and ultimately land humans on the moon.

The Cradle of Aviation reports that nearly 70 airfields dotted the island in the 20 century. Some estimates are up to 120. Today, most of the fields are gone or survive in namesake only such as Roosevelt Field & Mitchell Field.

biplane propeller
Grass runway and biplane at the still active Bayport Aerodrome, formerly Davis Field
Moriches Field Brewing Company