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We release this beer each year to commemorate Barney the bull who eluded authorities for nearly 3 months. Upon being captured he was sent to an animal sanctuary and promptly escaped.


Like Barney, Black IPA’s are hard to find. In one sense they are like more traditional IPA’s featuring a light (easily drinkable) body and solid hop bitterness. However the roasted malts add depth and character that you won’t find in any other IPA. Importantly, it’s not simply a stout or porter with a lot of hops. The darker malts provide more color than flavor although some roastiness comes through. We highly recommend this beer paired with a cigar. It’s one of the few that can stand up to it and in our opinion it improves both the cigar and the beer.

Label featuring a bull for Barney on the Run black IPA
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Moriches Field Brewing Company