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Many people seek out IPA’s as their go to beer at Microbreweries and they are somewhat ubiquitous. We always try to have some different takes on IPA’s. Our latest is brewing some overlooked styles. Namely the more “colorful IPA’s”. In our case that’s a White, Red and now Black IPA. You  may be wondering what they are. Let’s start with our White IPA -Grievance Day.

Our White IPA starts out with a Belgian witbier as it’s base. It’s enhanced to IPA strength and generous amounts of New World hops are added. Farmhouse yeast adds an additional dimension of flavor. It’s a hazy refreshing tropical IPA that still has Belgian roots. Our Red takes a Red ale and again brings it to IPA strength. This time we add hops to compliment the dark malt flavors. The result is a beer that has some underlying sweetness but is decidedly hoppy. Finally we have our Black IPA which is it’s own unique animal. The dark malt hints at a porter on the nose, but pine and citrus hops take this beer in other directions. It is an IPA through and through, not simply a hopped up porter.

They all are unique and delicious in their own way. Stop by and try one – Cheers!

Black IPA in a Tulip glass
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