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We received our first order of grain from Hudson Valley Malt. The owner delivered it himself and we spent some time talking about beer, grain and life in general. I realized that one of the things that I enjoy is being able to taste the flavors of the grain in the finished beer. A “malt” forward beer if you will.  The latest brewing trends have really moved away from this with hops and fruit flavor overshadowing any flavor of grain. It’s a trend that won’t find a hold here. While I like a really good IPA or NEIPA, there are way too many beer styles to enjoy and grain is what makes a local beer.

I’m really looking forward to brewing with this as it’s the freshest grain I’ve ever seen. It was on the malt house floor germinating last week. Each bag has the farmers name on it as the grain comes from different farmers in the Hudson Valley. We’ll have some true NY beer to share soon.

Pallet of Grain for Brewing
First delivery of grain to the brewery. Thanks Hudson Valley Malt!
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