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With all of the various delays caused by Covid 19 pandemic, we took the opportunity to “upgrade” the brew floor with an epoxy finish. It was oddly easy to do from a technical point of view, although quite an effort over the weekend. It’s results like this that you put your own sweat equity into that mean the most when you look back. The picture is coat number 1. As always I couldn’t have done this without my wife who did 50% of the work but made the weekend 100% better.

If you have never worked with epoxy, it’s like playing beat the clock. Once you mix the 2 components you have a fairly limited time to apply it before it starts to cure. Teamwork and preparation is the key to getting it done right. Now we just have to wait until it fully cures and then move the equipment back in place.

First coat of new red epoxy floor in the brew area
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